Strong Magnets

Very Powerful Magnets

There are very strong magnets, also known as permanent magnets, which may hold and lift heavy objects. They are used for scientific functions like testing the strength of electrical current, MRI machines and other medical equipment. They’re also used in industrial applications such as in automobile batteries and air conditioners. Some very strong magnets are able to bend light in another direction, but the strength and gruesome properties of very powerful magnets are beyond the scope of this article.

very strong magnets

The most common permanent magnets (i.e. magnets which retain their electrostatic properties even without an outside electrical field or a magnetic field similar to the powerful electric field made by the sunlight ) are created from neodymium and samarium-cobalt chemicals, which possess the atomic number of sixty. Neodymium magnets are usually coated with thinned heavy duty magnets of nickel or aluminum, that prevents them from wearing down quickly when they come in contact with metal surfaces.

The most common non-permanent variety of the type of magnet would be those having a combined polarity. These are normally manufactured from graphite or titanium. The combined polarity neodymium magnets may either be semi or permanent. In the past, many people thought that rare earth metals were so infrequent that not even the scientists working in heavy duty magnets research centers could find any use for them, but now it is known that neodymium and samarium cobalt magnets have many functional applications. Some rare earth magnets may be re-used many times, while others can be broken down into smaller parts to power small appliances.

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