Magnet Fishing

What is magnetic fishing? This is an outdoor sport where you use two metal poles, called poles of force, to propel small fishing boats (called “magnetized” boats) through water using magnetic power. Magnetic fishing is done by looking for magnetic objects in outdoor bodies of water and casting small fishing boats into the water using powerful magnets. The more powerful the magnets, the faster the boat will travel through the water.

what is magnet fishing

In order to be successful in what is called “magnet fishing,” you must master the art of locating both strong magnets and very strong currents. The best place to find these objects is on the shoreline, in areas where there are many wrecks and rugged terrain close to shore. Another good place to find magnetic fields is when running over asphalt, rock, or concrete. This causes a slight current that is quite strong enough to get your boat under way. This is called a “weak spot.”

The American Sports Writers Association, an organization that helps writers in the field of sports, recommends, “This hobby should not be tackled by magnet fishing novices,” since it is “too difficult to learn.” However, it adds, “It is also quite exciting and often very rewarding, particularly if you locate a unique and valuable prize buried in some nook or crevice.” In other words, this is a hobby that can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages, since it does not require any specialized training.

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