Boating & Fishing

If you start off your fishing or boating holiday, you may decide to lease a boat, go out on the water, either or even both. As you plan your trip, you will be able to determine which option best suits your holiday style, including which type of boat to choose, in addition to whether you… Continue reading Boating & Fishing

Powerful Curie Temperatures Using Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium is an interesting chemical element with the atomic symbol Nd and chemical number 60. Neodymium belongs to the halogen series and is an unusual-earth element. It’s a soft, silvery grey metallic material which quickly tarnishes when subjected to water and air. It was first found in 1833 by Carl Wilhelm Scheele, who noticed that it had a… Continue reading Powerful Curie Temperatures Using Neodymium Magnets

Which Are Super Powerful Magnets?

Super-strong magnets are utilized for a broad array of purposes. Some use it to build and repair electronics; others rely on them to hold on to precious memories or to create simple things like jewelry and watches lighter and stronger. Even cars use strong magnets as brakes for when you get near the car, it releases… Continue reading Which Are Super Powerful Magnets?